Out now, The Thrills: 2002 - 2007 collects together all the band's singles, as well as a selection of much-loved album tracks on one CD.
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1one horse town 8don't steal our sun
2whatever happened to cory haim 9restaurant
3big sur 10faded beauty queens
4santa cruz (you're not that far) 11i came all this way
5the irish keep gatecrashing 12not for all the love in the world
6hollywood kids 13nothing changes round here
  7the midnight choir 14plans

Conor Deasy's Top Tracks on Spotify

We've asked Conor to tell us his top tracks by The Thrills, as well as his all time favourites!

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Ben Carrigan's Top Tracks on Spotify

Win Stuff!

To celebrate the release of 'The Thrills: 2002-2007', we gave one lucky person the chance to win all three studio albums by The Thrills!

This included: 'So Much For The City', 'Let's Bottle Bohemia' and 'Teenager'.

The Thrills

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